Jhene: More Only

by Jhene9aiko

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Two months since Jhene, we've watched jhene9aiko every move from winning 5 awards at the SCMAS to hosting their own Jhene Fest, jhene9aiko still proves to be the best. So with Jhene : More Only opens up with a slow tempo pace with Reflection to Institutionalized and soul-funk sound with Kaleidoscope Dream. Onikatrap appears on the platinum edition of Jhene with Onikatrap Interlude where she speaks on women empowerment. The rest of the album ends off with a neo-soul and fast paced songs with Jealous , Fear , Queen , and Jhene


released June 9, 2017




Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


jhene9aiko New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Eclipse
The more I study myself and knowledge
The more I learn I don't need to go to college
To know my worth isn't found in a bank account or wallet
People waking up so the government uses politics for stalling
I'm not looking for money, gold, and so called niggas
I'm more dependent on my soul and its richness
I'm sorry that I have to be different
If you take a look at what I have to say and listen
Surely your soul will start to glow and glisten
Track Name: One Way
Man I swear this shit was yesterday dawg
Maybe every day is the same day dawg
Lyrical blissfulness on the pad when I write
And when I write the paper sets alight
Bright lights in the city of heights
Everything’s going right
Or left depending on where you’re going

I’m going up from here, shifting the car into second gear
Grab the clutch man I’m going up
120 on the road man I’m speeding up
Steering this verse man I’m driving it
It’s lit when you got a flow that everyone wants to get, wants to get

Now cop those new designer shoes
And fall for the slewed consumer views
That news is nothing new
It’s subdued by our desire to buy something brand-new
That shit is not the new cool.
Yesterday is over
I miss it even less than that time I missed the bus and had to walk my ass to class
I was stupid
Yeh I was late
Like what’s the point of getting up if all I’m getting is a grade
Attention caused
No attention paid
Lazier than ever
Want to make a check so I can make it through the weather
Started working more
But working more ain’t always better
Hustle 60 hour weeks and you should check my blood pressure bitch

Guess I should take a pill
Yeh I wish was a freezer I could adjust it back and chill
Hate the way it feels when I’m thinking about the past
Questions never asked, seamed together like it’s masked
I got voices in my head
though most of them are dead
Haunt me like some ghosts for all the things I never said
And when I go to bed
They always visit in my dreams
Tell me I should listen that there’s wisdom in my genes like
Track Name: Institutionalized
But I got my aspirations
Bitch I got my aspirations
Living in this nation
Part time complacent
Part time lyricist
Gonna make this full time
Part time solicitous
Writing poetry
Shakespeare look at this
So heroically, let's dine
Deadly writings in my mind
Divine visions in my eyes
Define your life and find the light
I see the truth, they lie to you
Feeling strife, in this life, built off lies

USA the big bully, USA the big brother, watching you, not letting you rebel, on the road to hell, these are facts they'll never tell, get yourself a bunnies tale, please wish that you don't inhale, the poison in the system, penicillin in your kitchens, they just want your mind addicted, trynna dumb your mental down, put you in prisons and mental prisms, but you see I got my ways, don't you test me, out the way, out the door at 19, cause I got no family, that's for another song, for when I toke that golden bong, when I'm right, then I'll write, the song to my fucken wrongs
Track Name: Jealous
My lungs are filled chemicals,
my mind is full of bright ideas,
popo wanna' ID us,
popo they got no idea
, skrt skrt, I was gone
, skrt skrt, im the don,
creator of these blissful lyrics
, im just trynna paint a picture,
trynna change the mind of ignants',
positive about my intuition,
what is you listening to,
used to have a gap tooth,
now I smiling bright as ever,
parents tearing my down smile,
thinking I'm a cocaine feen,
wish I had money for coke,
shits expensive and I'm broke,
so I toke and stay afloat,
10 a G, see this shit cheap,
living in this worlds a joke
, living in a corrupt nation and it's not no fucken' joke
Track Name: Fear
even through what ive been facing
court cases end of relationships im supposed to be patient
flagrant i dont wanna be famous
its funny how quick life changes
its funny how you think you know
go comatose from a knife in the back id rather overdose
fuck trust dont need friends fuck greed the only thing i spend is time in the deep end
ive got no defense im as open as a book
its got all the people shook
ive nothing i can show
ive got no residence or home
ive been living on my own in secluded solitude
dissappear like ive traveled to burmuda flew the coop and now im a regular commuter funrniture collector trying to reach the american dream fair as a scheme
strategy to fufill fantasies that ive seen and i cant believe that this happened to me,
not a tragedy but
Track Name: Queen
everybody has they rainy days,
call me crazy but baby I know you feel the same,
I know it's been been awhile but you still on my brain,
and I keep thinkin bout you this shit got me insane
I wanna give you the finer things,
show you what your life could be like if you ride wit me
Track Name: Jhene
I agree I was distraught,
I cannot catch up with my thoughts,
I agree I was distracted to to the battles I fought,
and all the battles I fought made up all the distance I saw,
made up all the difference I saw,
between me and the usual laws,
and the things money had bought,
materialistic cars,
and the love that I've always sought,
plus my views may seem a bit off,
since my conflicts come from the directions I aim,
an answer to a question pin points whether you're the same,
and your views are just decided when you try to put the blame,
and I decide that you're similar,
to a person who is trapped in their mind with no signature,
and I decided---that we all fear a simple change,
but we still avoid the typical like every single day,
in every single way,
we can't turn to a different page,
because every logical page is ripped,
here's an occupation just play with it...

Do not call me the best,
do not put me in a category I don't wish to rest,
I got my city on my back,
I got my feelings on my chest,
so do not judge me even if it's based on goodness I possess,
cause if I don't fish for it that means I ain't wanting it,
and half of the time I ain't even fishing for compliments,
and the other half is when I sit thinking bout promises,
that everybody seemed to make when I was still an optimist